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  • Maricar Nabarrete
    Maricar Nabarrete  2 days back

    Acá Drogon tenía q haber matado a John cómo debe ser no dejarlo fue muy rebuscado el final

    • Carla Francisca
      Carla Francisca  4 days back


      • Mlaghto Mlaghto
        Mlaghto Mlaghto  5 days back

        Why he killed her?🤔😥😭😢😤🤤😲

        • Siam Bin Sayed
          Siam Bin Sayed  5 days back

          Danny save Jon Snow in two times.
          But he killed her without remembering the past

          • Z A
            Z A  1 weeks back


            • Kimberly Miller
              Kimberly Miller  1 weeks back

              Anyone else just cry that moment

              • Stella marina
                Stella marina  1 weeks back

                Fabulous Daenerys 😥🌹💖🌹🌟

                • guhan don
                  guhan don  2 weeks back

                  Except Drogon, everyone betrayed Danny....

                  • 2500robin
                    2500robin  2 weeks back

                    I hate Jon snow for killing her

                    • Ceiça Mendes
                      Ceiça Mendes  2 weeks back

                      Jonh é tão corajoso que ficou esperando a reação do dragão

                    • Victoria t
                      Victoria t  2 weeks back

                      This is so sad😔

                      • Lisa Brown
                        Lisa Brown  2 weeks back

                        I dont want to see no more GOT it ends fool no sense at all

                        • ЦЫГАН ДРАКОН

                          Drogon is argentavis from ARK

                          • Manal El haouzy
                            Manal El haouzy  3 weeks back


                            • Romieo Solomon
                              Romieo Solomon  3 weeks back

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                              • Joseph Jackson
                                Joseph Jackson  3 weeks back

                                John snow is a retarded trader now drogon has no family rest in peace denaerys stormborn frst of he names breaker of chains they unburnt the kallesee of the great grassi

                                • hrg oder so
                                  hrg oder so  3 weeks back


                                  • Eleonore Carado
                                    Eleonore Carado  1 months back

                                    Pauvre Dragon..

                                    • Helen Waldeck
                                      Helen Waldeck  1 months back

                                      Poor Drogon, I've only watched scenes of him but I think he's beautiful and
                                      I really feel for him in this scene , Jon didn't have to kill dragon mom

                                      • Daron M.
                                        Daron M.  2 months back

                                        Jon was a hoe for this

                                        • James Andersom
                                          James Andersom  2 months back

                                          Epic acting from a CGI Dragon,can make some many start to cry.Poor Drogon.

                                          • Shah Saeed
                                            Shah Saeed  2 months back

                                            I Can't Believe I'm Feeling Bad For A Murderous Dragon