#GameofThrones Season 8 Ep 2 Soundtrack Theme Music - Podrick Vs Original Version HQ


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  • Saken Fox
    Saken Fox  4 weeks back

    Вроде в исполнении Подрика оригинал?

  • Benjamin Benado
    Benjamin Benado  1 months back

    Only thing good about season 8 fact

    • Светлана Кабулова


      • TheSaipher
        TheSaipher  2 months back

        great song for the shitty ending

        • Concetto Vaccarella
          Concetto Vaccarella  2 months back

          i listen to this song when i think about how bad season 8 was.

          • Checkmate
            Checkmate  2 months back

            Podrick in jenny of oldstones vs pippin in the edge of night

            • Серёга ///
              Серёга ///  2 months back


              • Camilo Torres
                Camilo Torres  2 months back

                Someone may say... GoT ended in episode 2, where they were all preparing for death. There was no episode 3, they are all dead... someone would prefer history to be that way... But not me, I really love every piece of this season, cause when you love something, you don't love what it is, you love what it represents to you...

                • mattias mizznoin
                  mattias mizznoin  3 weeks back

                  8x5 is a disservice to it's most unique character, you can surely admit that my friend

                • Giorgio A.
                  Giorgio A.  2 months back

                  one more reason that gets men in trouble, when that cannot be shared because it is a gift that makes the devil run away.

              • Pedro Avila
                Pedro Avila  2 months back

                I wish i could have stayed in that episode.

                • Niconorge
                  Niconorge  2 months back

                  Is this the song Rhaegar sang that made Lyanna cry?

                  • Claire Aldridge
                    Claire Aldridge  3 months back

                    After the last episode Sansa will =Jenny alone in her castle with her ghosts.

                  • Carlo Magno
                    Carlo Magno  3 months back

                    "I see you, wolf child, Blood child."

                  • ALINA VERDESS
                    ALINA VERDESS  3 months back

                    when I heard for the first time this song I thought that it's about Arya but then I thought "no way it can't be becouse she's not that important to the story" and then she killed NK

                    • meisu1988
                      meisu1988  1 months back

                      Florence the machine, who is the singer dedicated this song to arya. Look it up :)

                    • Vladlen Caus
                      Vladlen Caus  2 months back


                  • Vova Dmytriv
                    Vova Dmytriv  3 months back

                    чудова пісня )))))))))))

                    • Hans Florentino
                      Hans Florentino  3 months back

                      Podrick can sing and please the ladies. He is the rightful heir of the throne!

                      • chetnoMAN
                        chetnoMAN  3 months back

                        The One true King leading his men into the battle for one last time. :')

                        • Michael Boland
                          Michael Boland  3 months back

                          This song is so hauntingly beautiful.

                          • XxxAliaaa Xx
                            XxxAliaaa Xx  3 months back

                            Farewell to Jorah,Beric,Edd,Theon,Lyanna and Melisandre

                          • sarahc00kies
                            sarahc00kies  3 months back

                            He gave everything he had when singing this song. Podrick knew when was the time to shine.

                            • Somnath Bhattacharyya
                              Somnath Bhattacharyya  3 months back

                              Gives me goosebumps. Awesome songs.

                              • Olamide Kenn Follieu
                                Olamide Kenn Follieu  3 months back

                                lol same Podrick with the magic C**k now has an amazing voice on top of that!!!

                                • Howard Pearcey
                                  Howard Pearcey  3 months back

                                  We now know what he did with the whores that they did not take his money.

                              • Boba Fett
                                Boba Fett  3 months back

                                Love that Stannis fanart btw.

                                • lone wolf
                                  lone wolf  3 months back

                                  RIP Brother❤

                                  • Caius Omarus
                                    Caius Omarus  3 months back

                                    A masterpiece

                                    • Mr Frosty
                                      Mr Frosty  3 months back

                                      i want podrick to sing the full song

                                    • VisB67281
                                      VisB67281  3 months back

                                      I feel this way:
                                      Florence / the Machine sings a sad story.
                                      Podrick sings a farewell song.

                                      • hollymoon21
                                        hollymoon21  2 months back

                                        I think Florence + The Machine sings a song about Daenerys (I substitute the name 'Jenny' for 'Dany' in my head)....

                                      • siddharth
                                        siddharth  3 months back

                                        but all of them present survived the battle .many expected at least half of them would die

                                      • lousiana nano
                                        lousiana nano  3 months back

                                        I felt the same

                                    • jack the ripper
                                      jack the ripper  3 months back

                                      Sounds sad! It sounds like an inenvitable tragic moment. You know you're gonna die and you still fight for the lives.

                                      • roxylady28
                                        roxylady28  3 months back

                                        I like the two version

                                        • William  Blue
                                          William Blue  3 months back

                                          Winterfell castle is Jenny. The castle that's stood for thousands of years.

                                          • Jon Ware
                                            Jon Ware  2 months back

                                            The song is Jenny of Oldstones. The castle is Oldstones. It has nothing to do with Winterfell. I love how people think something sounds right then it just becomes fact for them and they tell others as fact also.

                                          • matan ravia
                                            matan ravia  3 months back

                                            omg i didnt realise that till now

                                        • Myra Freeman
                                          Myra Freeman  3 months back

                                          Who knew he had such a beautiful voice

                                          • comcoma
                                            comcoma  2 months back

                                            Jorah has a beautiful voice too ^_^

                                          • rafardzrba
                                            rafardzrba  2 months back

                                            TriPod has great pipes and lays down the pipe.

                                          • sid bodh
                                            sid bodh  3 months back

                                            So this is what he did to those whores !

                                          • Sharon Pernes
                                            Sharon Pernes  3 months back

                                            Myra Freeman I’m sure there are others in the show that have good voices.

                                        • Nico Darkon
                                          Nico Darkon  3 months back

                                          Podrick the pro, podrick the machine

                                          • Raphael Bley
                                            Raphael Bley  3 months back


                                            • Ganfol Rey Sandia
                                              Ganfol Rey Sandia  3 months back

                                              This is the song of ice and fire