#GameofThrones #GOT Did Game Of Thrones just Confirm this Fan Theory?

  • Published: 10 May 2019
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    During Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 4, “The Last War” Bran says something which may be nothing or may confirm a long-held fan theory. This is a quick breakdown of the theory, Bran’s words, and what it might mean for the books. This video analyses a few other relevant scenes in that support the theory, but at this point in the series I really doubt the theory will get any further confirmation in the show. Although, Benioff or Weis did describe 3 WTF moments in the show, and after the hold the door episode, we’re still waiting for one more WTF moment. So maybe time travel counts. Some fans hate this theory, but if done right I think it could both surprise us, and support the themes of the show, although after you watch this video you probably won’t be surprised if they do fully confirm it. And considering Bran has been sort of useless these past few seasons, I really want to see him have greater significance to the overall plot of the show, otherwise what has his story been leading to?

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  • UnDead Polo
    UnDead Polo  2 months back

    Bran time traveling and changing the past is most likely true. Because there's always a Brandon Stark in history. Problem is he's the 3 eyed Raven now and he's manipulating events to get the future he wants. He can see what to change in the past to get the future he wants. At least in the show he seems to dubious. He's basically possessed by the children of the forest God.

    • Raymond Joseph
      Raymond Joseph  2 months back

      I hope you start to get more traffic to your videos, I’ve only been subscribed for a short time but I love your videos and your voice is super soothing.

      • NightOwl Cinema
        NightOwl Cinema   2 months back

        aw, thanks! I really appreciate hearing that. it might not look like it but a lot of work goes into even the most basic seeming video so it's nice to have positive feedback. When Game of Thrones finishes this weekend I'll go back to making the sort of content I'm into: Video essays that aren't like everyone else's full of overthinking! Thanks Raymond!

    • Yasmin A
      Yasmin A  2 months back

      As far as fan theories go, this one seems quite likely. Will be interesting to see how they wrap everything up in 2 episodes :o

      • NightOwl Cinema
        NightOwl Cinema   2 months back

        I still don't know. I'm almost theoried out, it seems like the show isn't that interested in the theories anymore. They just want to wrap everything up as quickly as possible!

    • NightOwl Cinema
      NightOwl Cinema   2 months back

      Do you buy the Bran Time Travel theory? Is it the 3rd WTF moment DorD talked about?
      Also yes I know the Bran animation is wobbly!