Game of Thrones "The Bells" - Review

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  • Kyle Sparrow
    Kyle Sparrow  2 months back

    Brah, don't beat yourself over why people think you're doing these videos or if you feel your overcritical. Your reviews are spot on. I feel basically exactly the same you do.

    • Adam Smasher
      Adam Smasher  2 months back

      I liked the rant videos... anyone who would complain about that is a sociopath. You can say whatever you want about whatever you want in whatever way you want. You never came off as bad at all in any of them. People just can't handle uncomfortable truth.

      • Adam Smasher
        Adam Smasher  2 months back

        Dany was a tyrant from day 1. Most people I know sincerely thought she was a good guy, which is terrifying. I don't get how people can be so flippant/sanguine about dictators who think they're noble. Hitler thought he was noble. Every tyrant in history convinced themselves and large numbers of other people that they were doing what's right. Dany showed no respect for power. She felt entitled to it. Anyone who can convince themselved that wanton slaughter is justified is fucked. You're right that it was all rushed through way too quickly, so most of the beats did fall flat. But I was SO happy to see her actually do it. I thought they were going to cop out and save her by the bell at the last minute so the dany fans wouldn't be butthurt.

        • Brian Baratheon
          Brian Baratheon  2 months back

          *THE KHALEESI DID NOTHING WRONG!!!!!* I'm so sick of hearing about how "Dany is ruined" or "The Mad Queen". WTF? SHE DID NOTHING WRONG. *The citizens of King's Landing are all ANIMALS* who would have turned on her the first chance they got. And before someone starts in with their virtue signaling and start mewling "wUt abOUt tHE kiDz!!!1", Grand Maester Pycelle said it best. *The spawn of a traitor may seem cute now, but in 10 years who knows what treasons they may hatch!!!* Was the Khaleesi expected to just allow future threats to live on and cause her problems in the future?

          *The Khaleesi* was more than nice. She *gave those animals PLENTY of chances* to bend the knee and they repaid her benevolence with TREACHERY !!! Eff that. *She should have burned them all* from the jump. Screw the bells. #IStandWithKhaleesi 🤷‍♂️

          • Major Bloodnok
            Major Bloodnok  2 months back

            "Biggest episode in the show"..... Blackwater; Watchers on the Wall; Battle of the Bastards; etc...
            Ignore context and repeat the PR - 'it's the most cinematic' 'it's beautifully shot' 'it's the most gripping episode'... Maybe it's bigger if you count the number of bodies in Kings Landing, but you're just feeding the propaganda when you forget G.O.T. was always a character study built on the most epic of spectacle.

            • OhShiverMeTimbers
              OhShiverMeTimbers  2 months back

              After mulling it over, I am NOT okay with the Hound's death. He was supposed to overcome his fear, using fire to defeat the undead Mountain, but, really, he'd be dead from the fall before dealing with any of the fire so... they even fucked that up. And the fight was boring and uninspired. The mountain only has two moves? Skull crush and eye gouge? I'd write it better. For sure.

              • Colin Mackey
                Colin Mackey  2 months back

                The Varys death was so pathetic and unearned. I feel like he wouldn’t be so quick to sell her out and attempt to poison her. What had she done to deserve their machinations at that point? Been moody? It’s terrible writing because the characters are given no true reason to think she’s mad, because she has done nothing truely unforgivable at this point, but they all turn on her anyways. It’s all such a mess.

                • Suspicious Mustache
                  Suspicious Mustache  2 months back

                  MY TAKE ON SEASON 8:
                  ( I thought of this while taking a shit. Sorry in advance if you find it lacking)
                  1.) The Alliance is preparing for war, Jaime then arrives at Winterfell to tell Cersei's treachery;
                  (hell even Bran could've told/asked him about this earlier so they could make a better plan)

                  2.) "The Better plan": The Alliance retreats to the Vale to better defend themselves and have more men and Jon tells Dany who he is.
                  Dany is angry because all her ambition her whole life is put to a halt by someone with a better claim than her.

                  3.) Getting the rest of the North people to leave and march South (pulling a "the where the people stand is where Asgard stands bit).
                  The Alliance tells the rest of Westeros about the threat and Jon's claim via ravens or gossip to the lesser lords to band everyone together.
                  They decline because they think its a ploy or a joke.

                  4.) The dead march south making everyone recognize the threat Cersei is then truly forced to join the alliance so the people wont pull a coup.

                  5.) Westeros vs the Dead:
                  Round 1: Night King is actually smart( he doesn't go out immediately when baited by Bran) Humanity loses a lot of people (lack of supplies and dragonglass which led to unpreparedness and guerilla tactics.)
                  Round 2: Battle continues until they retreat to Kings landing, this is where the dead get the upper hand and almost a certain victory and get cocky. Most main characters are in the throne room, to defend Bran including Cersei(Shes hiding). White walkersenter the throne room while the Night king smashes the roof with Viserion and gets down amidst all the fighting to get Bran.

                  Jon Snow and Danaerys swoops in to fight Viserion, Jon gets down his dragon for land support while Dany with her dragons fight Undead Viserion outside. In the throne room some of the actual favorites die defending Bran while NK and bran have the epic stare down. Commence Jon Snow vs Night King; Arya and others may assist Jon Snow for the MOST MEMORABLE EPIC KILL IN ALL OF TV HISTORY.

                  Everybody is either tired wounded or dead; Cersei then comes out of hiding and will try to take everything for herself. Some of her troops will side with Jon and accept him as king.
                  Cleganebowl commences. Wounded Jon snow is then stabbed by Cersei killing him and then proceeds to kill Tyrion next. Jamie stops her through talking her down and then chokes her evil ass. It is revealed after that It was Arya using the Jamie mask to make the Cersei kill more effective in saving Tyrion.

                  Dany goes in with her Drogon (Rhaegal dies) mourning for the dead Jon snow while letting go of her powerlust. War ends.

                  6.) Some time later Arya is sitting on the Throne with donning Jon's face(people accepted Jon's heroism) with Dany as his wife. It is revealed Dany has a Kid with Jon and until the baby comes of age to inherit the throne. With tyrion as hand and sansa as Warden of the North they rule in peace.

                  Sam becomes Grand Maester and completes his Book about the series giving it the book name "A Song of Ice and Fire"

                  This is the best I could think of that complies with Dany's vision, Valonquar Prophecy, and Azor Ahai Prophecy......
                  Sorry for the long post. Thank you to the ones who have the time to read.

                  • Eduard CG
                    Eduard CG  2 months back

                    Ned, Robb and Jon killed disobedient fuckers. Why would they burn/execute random civilians?

                    • Chester Sykes
                      Chester Sykes  2 months back

                      Sorry - but when she had her pet meat-head kill her own brother over money... She was always a crazy bitch.

                      • Manchu Ratt
                        Manchu Ratt  2 months back

                        Cleganebowl was terrible. You know what a good fight sequence? The Mountain vs Viper. They should've gone for a better fight sequence. I personally couldn't connect with this episode on any level. The whole thing was ridiculous.

                        • MrGOOZ3
                          MrGOOZ3  2 months back

                          Watch Dark on netflix. masterpiece. some of the best writing ever

                          • Kevin Light
                            Kevin Light  2 months back

                            Yall miss the boat I feel. I think it was Genius story telling, wonderful writing, just stupid viewers. What can we say really.
                            Through the entire show Dany had one goal, was to take the iron throne at all costs and break the wheel. Sounds cool right?
                            Now does it? She is the MAD KINGS daughter for God sakes. The woman clearly manipulated everyone throughout the entire show. So many obvious Easter eggs you can call her the Easter bunny. She wasn't the innocent beautiful nice girl everyone saw, it was only because she was overshadowed by Cersei Lannisters horrible acts which are NORMAL ways to rule back in that time period. Not planned genocide. People wanted in the end for Dany to be the hero. Sansa knew better, Arya knew better soon after, as the season started eventually most of the characters started to know even before they found about John Snows true name. Dany went and got the best armies she could, best advisers you'd want, didn't listen to them? Why? She knew what her goal was and having those advisers was just so her enemies couldn't have them. She used her dragons to keep everyone in line with FEAR. Threats upon threats. She was truly evil which is even scarier when hidden so well. Even Tyrian saw with his own eyes how she burned those who surrendered or wouldnt bend the knee alive. As far as John she tried to get him on board with the North, wasnt going so well. If you love somebody as much as she claimed to love John really would she make him hide the truth that he was the true heir to the throne? She wanted that throne and nothing more. She was going to do what her father was unable to and BURN THEM ALL! Ding dong HELLS BELLS!

                            • Andrew Robertson
                              Andrew Robertson  2 months back

                              Dude, you don't need to defend yourself or explain your actions.
                              I only found your channel recently but from what I've seen so far, your opinions seem to be accurate and insightful. Die hard fan's always sling as much shit as they can at naysayers, especially when said naysayer is dropping big nasty truth payloads on their precious.
                              So fuck 'em. They'll get over it eventually. You just do your thing.

                              • Hyper Ludicrous
                                Hyper Ludicrous  2 months back

                                That tired voice perfectly defines what watching season 8 had been like

                                • F Rangel
                                  F Rangel  2 months back

                                  Can we get a reboot of seasons 5 to 8 in 2056 when that lazy bastard finishes the goddamn books???

                                  • La Police de la Pensée
                                    La Police de la Pensée  2 months back

                                    - Waiting 10 years for winter to come and ending up with the Night King (and his army) getting killed in 1 episode, by a lil girl. Even the Mountain was harder to kill.
                                    - Only 1 Giant, and he's killed by another lil girl...
                                    - Tyrion was smart -> Now he's a dumbass...
                                    - Sansa always tried to save her life -> Now she only wants Power...
                                    - Daenerys was good with innocent people -> Now she's Evil...
                                    - Bronn was a friend of Jaime -> Not anymore...
                                    - One night with Jaime is Better than a whole life with Tormund (his love has never counted)...
                                    - Jaime was getting away from Cersei -> Now he wants to save her -> 1min after taking Brienne's virginity...
                                    - Jaime means "I Love" in french, OK i got that. But does it means he must love a Monster ?
                                    - Jaime once sacrificed his honor to save the people of King's Landing -> Now he doesn't give a sh...
                                    - Varys saved Tyrion in season 4 -> Now Tyrion betrayed Varys and sends him to death....
                                    - Varys the Spider who once knew everything -> Now he's getting caught so easily...
                                    - The Hound was the most fearless fighter -> Now he's shitting his pants (NK battle)
                                    - Jon came back from the Dead -> Only to take back the Iron Throne from Daenerys...
                                    - Jon doesn't even gave a hug to Ghost... which is on the pommel of his Sword, by the way...
                                    - Bran was a main character -> Now he just plays Tetris on his Gameboy.
                                    - Arya was a Faceless sneaky assassin -> Now she's the most powerful hero of the show ?
                                    - Episode 3 : The worst military strategy they could ever apply...
                                    - Episode 3 : Hiding in a crypt full of dead to escape the undead ? Very good idea....
                                    - Episode 3 : Unsullied Army & Dothrakis are all dead...
                                    - Episode 4 : Half of them survived...
                                    - Episode 4 : Dragons are so easy to kill...
                                    - Episode 5 : Dragons are immortal...
                                    - When Daenerys heard the "Bells" : in fact, she heard "Be Hell"...
                                    - Wow "Me Sunday" ice cream fell to the ground... OMG, who cares.... ?
                                    - And WTF the White Horse was about ? Bran's playing Pokemon on his Gameboy ? I'm sure they didn't even think about it. 😂
                                    - Etc..... etc......

                                    It feels there are no Character Arcs anymore... but only Character Circles.
                                    THX D&D for SUBVERTING OUR EXPECTATIONS...

                                    • Elijah Forde
                                      Elijah Forde  2 months back

                                      Stop reading my diary!

                                      • Kratatch
                                        Kratatch  2 months back

                                        The director have a serious problem with stacking things. Bricks here and bodies in the other battles are stacked like there where no tomorow. How the hell did the bricks outside of the wall get stacked? Did Tyrion do it?

                                        • Milf Man
                                          Milf Man  2 months back

                                          D&D have turned heel when writing season 8. Even more so than Daenerys. She destroyed a city. They destroyed an entire world.

                                          • Fallout Guy
                                            Fallout Guy  2 months back

                                            How she burn the whole EFFING King's Landing is BADASSSSSSS

                                            • James Boogle
                                              James Boogle  2 months back

                                              Let me get this straight. The woman watches her brother brutally murdered, and stands there as if she is watching someone get a haircut. Burns thousands alive and casually describes it as 'and i have less enemies than i had before'. Doesn't tell Jon she doesn't care who has the Iron Throne as long as the wheel is broken. She is upset over the prospect of losing the throne and tells him to keep quiet. Notice she doesn't care if she kills him in the process of burning down the city? She wants him out of the way so she can rule. She is a sociopath! This was to be expected. What did you think she was going to do? Bring Democratic Socialism to Westeros? She wants power and will do anything to get it like the old man. AWESOME EPISODE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                              • Ed Neward
                                                Ed Neward  2 months back

                                                “I thought I would feel more” that sums up this season perfectly

                                                • Bigglesworth Red
                                                  Bigglesworth Red  2 months back

                                                  You are not a hate watcher.
                                                  The majority of people making rant/upset vids about this season( some since last season too) are true fans of the show....hence them being so upset and using youtube as an outlet. Its cathartic and comforting to express your feelings of being so let down by something you once loved and had such high hopes for.
                                                  I know it helps me to see and hear so many fans share my sentiment about the ruined potential of these last few seasons.

                                                  • Homunkulus
                                                    Homunkulus  2 months back

                                                    "Arya runs a round a lot" more like "Arya forgets to die alot".
                                                    Seriously, she's obsolete, she should have fucking died.

                                                    • Joaquin DREYFUS
                                                      Joaquin DREYFUS  2 months back

                                                      qyburn still had the best death of the episode

                                                      • ypicard2000
                                                        ypicard2000  2 months back

                                                        Bran warged the dragon.

                                                        • Duolingo Owl
                                                          Duolingo Owl  2 months back

                                                          Episode 5 was great. Dany has always been set up to be the mad queen. Remember when she crucified slavers for crucifying innocent children? Totally the same thing as burning thousands of innocents in kings landing. Clegane bowl had sweet victory at half time. You’re just a hater.

                                                          • Matthew Fairbairn
                                                            Matthew Fairbairn  2 months back

                                                            Regarding the Scorpions, you have no logic.
                                                            When stupid Raegon got killed they were not expecting shit.... Those arrows came out of nowhere.
                                                            Of course, crazy as she is, even Dany could figure out a new plan from different angles....

                                                            • Matthew Fairbairn
                                                              Matthew Fairbairn  2 months back

                                                              Danny burnt down King's Landing but this doesn't make her bad. King's Landing is a lousy place with lousy people.
                                                              Burning down that shit hole was the best thing is don

                                                              • Matthew Fairbairn
                                                                Matthew Fairbairn  2 months back

                                                                Thank episode was great! Why are you complaining?

                                                                • Michael Hill
                                                                  Michael Hill  2 months back

                                                                  This season honestly feels like JRRM gave D&D the bullet points for the end of the show and they just translated the bullet points into scenes without anything connecting them.

                                                                  • Ronin Dave
                                                                    Ronin Dave  2 months back

                                                                    If one dragon was able to do all that damage despite there being dozens of ballista imagine what three could have done when they only had one ballista in Season 7? Cersei might have taken out one dragon by surprise but it would have been over sooner with no need for an army. On top of that the Night King would have stuck north of the Wall with no way of getting through. Dany could have then postponed the getting on that Night King thing for years like a true politician.

                                                                    • Mark McCourt
                                                                      Mark McCourt  2 months back

                                                                      They were caught of guard in the previous episode, that's why the other dragon was hit. This time they were the ones attacking.

                                                                      • Mark McCourt
                                                                        Mark McCourt  2 months back

                                                                        @mudshark jones as I said before they were taken off guard, the second they arrived they were ambushed, one of her dragons was killed, this meant her mind was not in the right place, this time around, she was as on the offensive with her dragon, and she took them by surprise, they dive bombed from a very high angle to take out the ships and then came in the city from behind, they never stood a chance of turning the scorpions around fast enough at that point.

                                                                      • mudshark jones
                                                                        mudshark jones  2 months back

                                                                        Danny left her friends to be killed the last episode, she returns with the same dragon facing the same fleet .the same scorpions and yet its no contest.

                                                                    • Jesus Lozada
                                                                      Jesus Lozada  2 months back

                                                                      Please don't change, You are entitled to your opinions, and I like your style.

                                                                      • Dai Kaizen
                                                                        Dai Kaizen  2 months back

                                                                        there´s nothing wrong with formulating your opinion.

                                                                        • Steven Sturgill
                                                                          Steven Sturgill  2 months back

                                                                          Episode 5 is biggest, stinkiest poo bomb ever written and produced by Dumb and Dumbest none. What a pathetic joke.

                                                                          • jonas åberg
                                                                            jonas åberg  2 months back

                                                                            The scorpions being a lot less effective this episode kind of makes sense since (as far as I know) the last episode they hadn't been used. If you know what to look out for and how it behaves/works you stand a much better chance of taking the weapon out.

                                                                            It would have worked a lot better with a less rushed story and more of a buildup but it's not a completely useless idea when you think about it.

                                                                            That's a lot of the problem (for me) with this last season; it's rushed and therefore a lot of it makes no sense.

                                                                            • cookieaddictions
                                                                              cookieaddictions  2 months back

                                                                              Yes absolutely. Dany’s previous kills were not the same as murdering innocents. She was a pretty moral ruler until that point.

                                                                              • Strega 0
                                                                                Strega 0  2 months back

                                                                                I don't really think you're hateful at all. you seem to have enjoyed the episode to some extent but the obvious flaws in this season is really just hard to miss are preventing you from fully enjoying the show like what it used to be.
                                                                                it's not really that different from how most people feel about the show right now.

                                                                                • Liza Moroz
                                                                                  Liza Moroz  2 months back

                                                                                  People started a petition HBO to consider redoing the whole season. No harm to sign if you believe they can do better

                                                                                  • GusMcGuire
                                                                                    GusMcGuire  2 months back

                                                                                    You (as a child): Grandpa read me more of that bedtime story you've been telling me for months. What happens with the tale of Danaerys and the siege of King's Landing. Who wins? What about her dragon? Does Jon get to be the hero? What will the Lannisters do? How will they defeat the Iron Fleet? Does Jaime kill Cersei...
                                                                                    Grandpa: Ok, let's open the book and find out....
                                                                                    Grandma (shouting from downstairs): Honey! That Star Wars movie you wanted to see is starting on TV!
                                                                                    Grandpa: ...Ah hell. Ok, let's see. Er...Dany destroys the city and burns everyone, Jon doesn't like it, the Hound and Mountain kill each other, so do Jaime and Euron ...and Cersei gets buried. THE END.
                                                                                    You: Wha....?! But what about Arya
                                                                                    Grandpa: ....Er....she runs around the city, finds a horse and goes home. Gotta go. Sleep tight!
                                                                                    You: ........

                                                                                    • Shiraishi
                                                                                      Shiraishi  2 months back

                                                                                      To be honest, even though this episode was horrendous, I thought it was at least less disappointing than episode 3.
                                                                                      Mainly because I was hyped about the Night King more than anything in the show and then just to be let down and be disappointed like that. This episode was quite disappointing too, but didn't really have anything I hyped for anyway, except for the Cleganebowl, which from my expectations from DnD slightly better than I was expecting from them, still bad though.
                                                                                      Hope to see the end and finally forget about this ruined piece of garbage of a shitshow that Game of Thrones is right now.
                                                                                      It's just hideous how DnD ruined such a nice show that Game of Thrones used to be.

                                                                                      • Aras Arslan
                                                                                        Aras Arslan  2 months back

                                                                                        About the second dragon death and scorpions; in the previous episode, the reason why it was so easy to kill the dragon was because it was a surprise attack. It’s a little detail in my opinion, but one that must be said.

                                                                                        • Aras Arslan
                                                                                          Aras Arslan  2 months back

                                                                                          mudshark jones I agree with you completely and am not trying to justify the stupidity the scene shows. But if we’re going to criticize things, we have to do it by understanding the material right. I just wanted to clarify a misunderstanding in the video.

                                                                                        • mudshark jones
                                                                                          mudshark jones  2 months back

                                                                                          the surprises attack is nonsense as if nobody was keeping tabs on the fleet and no scouts would have warned of the scorpion's which are visible from miles away .i really want to make excuses and have in the past ,but they have gone to far .

                                                                                      • Matt
                                                                                        Matt  2 months back

                                                                                        I enjoy watching criticisms more than the actual show now.

                                                                                        • Timm Sattler
                                                                                          Timm Sattler  2 months back

                                                                                          You guys realized the white horse in the girls hand at 10:03? A little tease for aryas horse

                                                                                          • Black_C*cks
                                                                                            Black_C*cks  2 months back

                                                                                            The burning was strangely cathartic though.

                                                                                            • xtremedeepnvader
                                                                                              xtremedeepnvader  2 months back

                                                                                              the writing blew up with the Night King