History and Lore Season 7 Announcement: "Conquest & Rebellion"


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  • thot
    thot  2 years back

    Great news. I wonder what other history and lore is going to be on the blu-ray? My guesses are: Highgarden, The Golden Company, The Great Library of the Citadel, The Tourney at Harrenhaal, The Silence, Dragonglass and House Hightower

    • J'zargo The Magnificent

      who is narating this?

      • Diego Cobo Sánchez
        Diego Cobo Sánchez  2 years back

        +lenino keemstar
        Harry Lloyd as Viserys Targaryen, Daenerys' brother is narrating. :)

      • Mohammed Galal
        Mohammed Galal  2 years back

        Rhaegar's actor

      • TheMelbournelad
        TheMelbournelad  2 years back

        It’s the actor that played visyrion

      • Tom Jopson
        Tom Jopson  2 years back

        Could be Rhaegar...

      • bangyahead1
        bangyahead1  2 years back

        I cant think of the actors name but he played Danys brother, Visyrion. Look it up on imdb.

    • sourudra nag
      sourudra nag  2 years back

      wtf!!!!!! Game of thrones YouTube just published the same Video...why coping?

      • sourudra nag
        sourudra nag  2 years back

        Yes I love your stuff tho...but what about copyright???

      • ScrivaTV
        ScrivaTV   2 years back

        Cause not everyone is signed to that channel, perhaps? Or, maybe, because I use a lot of fragments from those videos, subscribers of this channel would be pleased to get that info from this channel?

    • Emilio Camacho Erice
      Emilio Camacho Erice  2 years back

      The visuals were amazing

      • Emilio Camacho Erice
        Emilio Camacho Erice  2 years back

        Paetur I miss it like you do I liked this one too However.

      • Paetur
        Paetur  2 years back

        I disagree. The season 1 - 6 extras and its 2,5D were best. Such original, beautiful art.