Game of Thrones Fans #Got Taken for Granted


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  • Ashley&Dave Sargent
    Ashley&Dave Sargent  1 months back

    Taken for granted was understatement lota years invested in this show

    • JL Fbobby
      JL Fbobby  2 months back

      I’m sorry but I just cannot unsubcribe because Handmaid’s tale season 3 is coming...

      • Heather Gwynnith
        Heather Gwynnith  2 months back

        Am I the only one who almost laughed and had a flashback to "King Kong" when the dragon lifted Dany's body from the floor?

        • mark gannon
          mark gannon  2 months back

          Is this the moment when all franchises died..?? And what will it mean going forward?? Thrones was hamstrung by Mr Martin, the network, and of course the truly awful writers whos mind sailed off to there next job, without getting their last one right.

          • mark gannon
            mark gannon  2 months back

            The guy who made the orville, id like to see his take on the liberator from Blake's seven. 😉😉

            • ChrisTheFlake
              ChrisTheFlake  2 months back

              can we just say dumb and dumber because d and d means dungeon and dragons

              • ChrisTheFlake
                ChrisTheFlake  2 months back

                why does bran act like a weirdo when the original 3 eye raven had a personality?

                • roiking2740
                  roiking2740  2 months back

                  wait, didnt deny had blue eyes? then the blue eyes could mean deny not the nightking?

                  • Michael Powell
                    Michael Powell  2 months back

                    Start a kickstarter or gofundme. There has to be some artistic die hard fans that will make animated
                    (like video game cut scenes) alternate endings, like white walkers win,
                    Jon kills the night king, Arya with Jamies face kills Cersei, Dany goes
                    mad and kills the Northerners ect..

                    • selefa
                      selefa  2 months back

                      They said and said again that "we can not pleased everyone".
                      So they - even now -think that we are unhappy because Dany became the Mad Queen and etc... and we desperate waned a good Disney ending.... What conversation could someone make with them?

                      • Agent Smith 18
                        Agent Smith 18  2 months back

                        Thanks for wasting so much time for such a shitty ending for the show .... Regards Jon Maqueen

                        • John Kimble
                          John Kimble  2 months back

                          D&D and Kathleen Kennedy deserve to work with each other. They can ruin Star Wars even worse like they did with GoT and finally get her fired so Star Wars can get hopefully get competent leadership.

                          • maggoli67
                            maggoli67  2 months back

                            Sansa totally Snowed Jon. And Jon Sno(w)ked Dany...

                            • maggoli67
                              maggoli67  2 months back

                              Agreed about weekly releases...I like looking forward to episodes...would have made Cobra Kai season 2 even better!

                              • Cosmea Alatamaha
                                Cosmea Alatamaha  2 months back

                                I keep coming back to this video whenever I need a break from other things. I'm about two hours in and just realized that when I'm not listening, I hear Gary's voice in my head going "You're muh queen!" over and over again. No kidding.

                                • Darth Bretticus
                                  Darth Bretticus  2 months back

                                  A Song of Ass and Ire 😣

                                  • CastelDawn
                                    CastelDawn  2 months back

                                    you don't need the media? Dude, you're part of the media lol

                                    • RamonMDF
                                      RamonMDF  2 months back

                                      Im not defending the directors because im disappointed ,and this season destroyed the series for me to enjoy it like i used to, but if the rumors are true about George giving them pointers on how the story was gonna end ,than maybe they made a choice to either write their own or to follow what George said and i think that just MAYBE, they went with George,but since they shooted themselves in the foot by wanting to do only 8 seasons with the last one not being even 10 episodes , they couldn`t deliver since as we saw, the characters took a drastic turn, all of them, in such a short condensed time that makes no sense and makes everything worse.

                                      With nothing you take your time more than you do with the ending.

                                      • Alessandro Coraglia
                                        Alessandro Coraglia  2 months back

                                        I subscribed with all my accounts :D Good luck!

                                        • Mikael Olofsson
                                          Mikael Olofsson  2 months back

                                          Their crap writing didn't come out of nowhere, Gary. The signs were there as early as season one for those who payed attention.
                                          Now, as Jeremy of GG often say, it's ok to like bad movies and I agree. You can like bad writing, but you can't convince me that the writing of these two idiots ever where good. Everything amazing in this show was 100% George, but not 100% of George's material remained amazing, or even good, under the "care" of these morons.

                                          • Mikael Olofsson
                                            Mikael Olofsson  2 months back

                                            The Blackfish is gay, Gary. So if you love him you might have a shot! :P

                                            • badger5079
                                              badger5079  2 months back

                                              Will this decline in quality also happen to The Expanse?

                                              • ben freedom
                                                ben freedom  2 months back

                                                Even the wall was back, I thought it was destroyed. I think S8 is a troll.

                                                • Thomas Lindholm
                                                  Thomas Lindholm  2 months back

                                                  The term "normie" really needs to die. That is some moronic gatekeeping shit designed to somehow immediately discount the opinion of anyone who isn't exactly as into a specific thing as you are. The people who mock someone who is understandably disappointed in poorly written part of a canon aren't "normies" they are just assholes.

                                                  • Lucy Moody
                                                    Lucy Moody  2 months back

                                                    Rifftrax babies

                                                    • flesheater
                                                      flesheater  2 months back

                                                      D&D, the writers who thought it was a good idea to sew deadpools mouth shut. Are we really surprised

                                                      • Rabid Fanboy
                                                        Rabid Fanboy  2 months back

                                                        In defence of Mr Snow Queen are one of the most legendary rock bands of all time, so yeah - luv muh Queen!

                                                        • MGSBigBoss77
                                                          MGSBigBoss77  2 months back

                                                          21:33, "What they could've bought in from the books?"

                                                          - Stannis and Rickon Stark still being alive

                                                          - The Dornish masterplan for taking the Iron Throne. And Doran's Martell's true plans for revenge against the Lannisters. The real downside to D&D's messing around with the book subplots. And not using them properly at all.

                                                          - Young Griff (The REAL 'Aegon Targaryen')

                                                          - "Lady Stoneheart" - *Nuff said*

                                                          - Victorian Greyjoy (Euron's polar opposite brother). and a much bigger look at the Greyjoy's Ironborn world and their pirating of the Seven Kingdoms. For obvious reasons.

                                                          Unlike Daario, this guy really took Daenarys heart and was also a possible ally in helping her take her Dothraki and Unsullied forces from Esso to Westeros via his ships (not's Yara Greyjoy's fleet).

                                                          - Far more mentioning of places like; Sothoryos & Ulthos. Areas of the worlds of the Song Of Ice And Fire of the 7 kingdoms which aren't even apart of them?! That haven't truly been explored yet. The show should've done what the books didn't/haven't really done, in this regard methinks! The series should brought or made more mention of'em than the books do, which isn't alot either if one has to be brutally honest.

                                                          "Sothoryos" is an African fictional stand in in the books, while "Ulthos" maybe the East Asia equivalent of our world etc's.

                                                          - Barristan Selmy's far more elaborate missions for Daenerys in the books. D&D killed him off in season 5 much to everyone's shock and horror like WTF? like Stannis, Littlerfinger and Rickon is alive in the book though.

                                                          And so much more untapped potential from the 5 GOT novels etc's. You've got your work cut out for you on that next video Nerdrotic

                                                          • bigoz169
                                                            bigoz169  2 months back

                                                            Steve MUH-Queen

                                                            • Pickle
                                                              Pickle  2 months back

                                                              Can confirm - I found you when I was looking through recommended Westworld videos, and was surprised you only only had ~5k subs. You turned me on to Counterpart, which I loved, and even convinced me to give The Expanse a second try (I'd stopped just before it got really good).

                                                              I look forward to you taking over the world with Doomcock and saying "I knew him when...". :)

                                                              • TheZapan99
                                                                TheZapan99  2 months back

                                                                Make one mention of feminism ruining the characters this season on r/freefolk and you get banned!
                                                                The night is dark and full of cuckholds.

                                                                • I'm Batman
                                                                  I'm Batman  2 months back

                                                                  She's Ma Qwen! 🙈

                                                                  • ThePROFESS10NAL
                                                                    ThePROFESS10NAL  2 months back

                                                                    BUT WHO CARES about “The Others” in a prequel if Arya can pussyfart teleport and kill the Night King in a second. ITS RUINED FOR GOOD!

                                                                    • Willowy13
                                                                      Willowy13  2 months back

                                                                      The most interesting thing is that they ruined a strong female character. Dany is kind the Buffy of this generation.

                                                                      • lee king
                                                                        lee king  2 months back

                                                                        I know I am beating a dead horse and this apples and oranges, but the dragon in 'The Hobbit' had a keen sense of smell. I am just wondering if the Drogon could have smelled Jon's body chemistry and sensed that Jon was approaching Danny in an altered state of mind comparative to Jon's lovey-dovey body smell. Yeah, its very far fetched, just thought I'd put it out there.

                                                                        • lee king
                                                                          lee king  2 months back

                                                                          Thank you, I started watching 'The Expanse' last night, eight episodes in on the first season. Great so far!

                                                                          • lee king
                                                                            lee king  2 months back

                                                                            Jump out of window like Tommen.

                                                                            • Patrick
                                                                              Patrick  2 months back

                                                                              Chaos is an Accessibility Ramp

                                                                              • Cryisfree
                                                                                Cryisfree  2 months back

                                                                                Yeap. It was slow and efing boring

                                                                                • Keldor D'Antrell
                                                                                  Keldor D'Antrell  2 months back

                                                                                  When Tyrion was giving his little speech to save his head and he asked what brought people together, I thought he was going to say, 'love'. When he actually said, 'Stories' I was like what the -? Then as he 'explained' I had to struggle not to laugh (because I was watching with a normie fan who was loving the series). So incredibly lame that even Peter Dinklage could sell it (I think you see that he thought it was stupid, himself).

                                                                                  • thescrybe
                                                                                    thescrybe  2 months back

                                                                                    Drogon[voiced by Samuel L Jackson]: What the fuck did you do, Jon!?
                                                                                    Jon: I don't know.
                                                                                    Drogon: Fuck! You killed Dany!!
                                                                                    Jon: Mah Qween.
                                                                                    Drogon: Muthafuckah! If you weren't a Targaryen!!
                                                                                    Jon: I don't wannit
                                                                                    Drogon: Fuck yo throne!
                                                                                    Jon: Mah Qween.
                                                                                    Drogon: Fuck you, Jon! Drogon out!

                                                                                    • karimam1275
                                                                                      karimam1275  2 months back

                                                                                      Night King is such a misunderstood dude, he just wanted to break the "WHEELS"! Blast!

                                                                                      • FunkMastaMegaFlex
                                                                                        FunkMastaMegaFlex  1 months back

                                                                                        He just wanted too meet Bran to give him a Whole Foods gift card lol.

                                                                                    • thescrybe
                                                                                      thescrybe  2 months back

                                                                                      Plastic bottles are fucking up the oceans...and GOT. LOL!

                                                                                      • Qgal5kap123
                                                                                        Qgal5kap123  2 months back

                                                                                        The last ep was like the finale of a mini-series. Hurry up guys, we gotta wrap'er up!

                                                                                        • Ovan Mitt
                                                                                          Ovan Mitt  2 months back

                                                                                          I have just started watching lost on now tv as part of a set box i have heard you and doomcock talking about how dissapointing the final season was should I bother watching now thanks hey do you think google will lower the price of g.o.t series on playstore and youtube now that the fans are not happy keep up the good work bro

                                                                                          • Jack Morano
                                                                                            Jack Morano  2 months back

                                                                                            Sansa and Bran are the most unlikely people to assume leadership.

                                                                                            • Shannon Reynolds
                                                                                              Shannon Reynolds  2 months back

                                                                                              I got HBO to watch Real Time with Bill Maher not to just watch GOT though that was a good thing too. The cast is getting upset because how people are pissed off about the show. Even Isaac Hemstead thought it was a joke script when he first got it because even he didn't understand

                                                                                              • A Moment In Time
                                                                                                A Moment In Time  2 months back

                                                                                                All those “if you think this has a happy ending you haven’t been paying attention” people are noticeable by their absence.