Why "Game of Thrones" Final Season is a Massive Disappointment


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  • Brian Cananzey
    Brian Cananzey  15 hours back

    worst ending hands down. writers ignored fans and stuck to a rushed timeline. everything u said is true

    • Tim Price
      Tim Price  20 hours back

      Totally disagree, season 8 had much better pacing. Better pacing along with comedy that lands, fan service and the biggest moments of the series makes season 8 the best season.
      Regarding the long night, we were just shown how effective the calvary was against the Lannister army in the previous episode. Having them get immediately crushed establishes the overwhelming odds our heroes are against.

      • ma bad
        ma bad  1 days back

        Having Arya kill the Night King is no different than having Frodo kill Sauron, right at the last second. A small person nobody expected to do it, finishes off the main bad guy while the actual king is about to die. Big surprise! Nobodies expectations were subverted. It was just silly. I was expecting comical music to start playing and all the characters to put on goofy hats and do a jig.

        • Shelly Augustin
          Shelly Augustin  2 days back

          We were all wrong!

          • BalF
            BalF  2 days back

            Oh the final season is sooo bad, because it's now popular to say so. But Season 5,6,7 were all full of similar illogical bs, bad plots, terrible decisions, yet (most) people refused to see: the emperor had no clothes. The real GoT died at the end of season4 (along with books material and tbh the last two books are not that great either imo).

            • IBMikmaq
              IBMikmaq  3 days back

              i didn’t understand why they didn’t have fires burning all through out the field between them and the army of the dead? also why wasn’t there trenches in the middle of the field? also why wasn’t the catapult closer the the castle?

              • Sophia Wilson
                Sophia Wilson  3 days back

                Statement the books A Feast For Crows and A Dance of Dragons were cut in half and put into one season that is wreck the whole series and not making extra seasons (they should made to 10 years) it cut many plot lines and characters from the series because this.

                • Rick Layeux
                  Rick Layeux  5 days back

                  It was a great series and they just crapped on it.
                  Any average writer could have thought of a better finale.

                  • W M
                    W M  6 days back

                    The writing and sequencing were so abysmal its amazing it got through post-production. It looked and felt as if it had been written by donkeys.

                    • GoTDancer
                      GoTDancer  6 days back

                      Omg “more concerned with keepinh reddit fans on their toes”. Yes. It is so terrible that truly logical and very fair critiques such as this are dismissed as disgruntled fans.

                      • starkman78
                        starkman78  7 days back

                        How does an author allow television/film adaptations of their work to get ahead of them??!

                        • Alexander Scott
                          Alexander Scott  7 days back

                          It wasn't the technical aspect or the budget. It was the writing.

                          • Thomas RockBottom45
                            Thomas RockBottom45  1 weeks back

                            To shorten up the last two seasons was the biggest mistake in tv show history.
                            On a personal note: I hate that Cersei was the big end. Her being after season 5 was so pointless :(

                            • Christopher Tracy
                              Christopher Tracy  1 weeks back

                              Had Martin released Winds of Winter a few years ago. We might have gotten a decent season and watching them assassinate Dany's character was the last straw 4 me!

                              • Fish
                                Fish  1 weeks back

                                Unironically, I feel like this show would have been massively improved if the last shot was literally just on bran, alone, with his eyes suddenly turning that ice blue of the white walkers, maybe with a smile or something. It wouldn't have fixed the show like, at all, but hell, It would have been better then what we got

                                • Windfolla
                                  Windfolla  1 weeks back

                                  Oh, you sweet summer child. you had no idea what was coming...

                                  • Corin Feder
                                    Corin Feder  1 weeks back

                                    Just goes to show you the true power of film making.When the writing is good it can be magical,iconic and influence a whole generation.
                                    When it's bad it will leave you with such bad taste in your mouth and such emptiness that you will not even remember the magic

                                    • Brian Mcbrian
                                      Brian Mcbrian  1 weeks back

                                      ho crying over Dany's army…. they are all foreign soldiers with only one purpose in the crazy dragon Queen mind: taking the Throne. So ultimately they are all disposable. I swear, people and their little feeling today….

                                      • Ricky Orgill
                                        Ricky Orgill  1 weeks back

                                        Before seaon 8 i thought game of thrones was the definition of no plot armor.

                                        • Yashwath Gowda
                                          Yashwath Gowda  2 weeks back

                                          at least it should have been Jon snow's execution rather than missandai's for Dany to go full mad queen and burn king's landing to ground .

                                          • Yashwath Gowda
                                            Yashwath Gowda  2 weeks back

                                            tbh they started ruining GoT in season 7 itself . idk why people didn't notice that ( I realised the day when they made Tyrion look stupid )

                                            • YoIchBinTim
                                              YoIchBinTim  2 weeks back


                                              As you can see, as a Total War player, this deeply frustrates my inner tactician.
                                              This arent the only problems I have with this episode, but they lost me when I saw this. The rest of the episode is one big major mistake after another. But this already showed me this episode is doomed.

                                              • Bryan Johnson
                                                Bryan Johnson  2 weeks back

                                                Does the "Doesn't Make Sense" remind you of anything? Maybe the current White House perhaps? Dude there is something in the water because these past few years have been insanity and it is reflective on everything else even GoT.

                                                • Angry Clown
                                                  Angry Clown  2 weeks back

                                                  Would've even made more sense if the zombies won.
                                                  ..then again, someone jumping a shark on a jetski would've made more sense here... Yes, a shark on a jetski 😂

                                                  • Taylor Bowne
                                                    Taylor Bowne  2 weeks back

                                                    I'm no fan of season 8 but ending the show with the long night would have been a mistake. The Knight King had no character at all and was just a voiceless villain. Cersei on the other hand is a character we've been following for the entire show and would need to be dealt with even if all the characters came together to fight the night King. Do you think if they did all come together, defeated the night King, that they would all just shake hands and go on their way?

                                                    • Taylor Bowne
                                                      Taylor Bowne  2 weeks back

                                                      Ending the show with the night King and the battle against the white walkers would also fly in the face of George's ethos. He's always talked about how he likes to Right about what happens after the battle against good and evil. The cleanup that's needed afterwards. I honestly don't know how the battle against the night King could have ended in a satisfactory way but I am glad it was not the culmination of the show. It's always been about humans versus humans and the white walkers or never as interesting as that.

                                                  • Brainwash
                                                    Brainwash  2 weeks back

                                                    it wasnt. im sure ur parents feel that way about u tho. definitely. idiot

                                                    • Michiwonder Outdoors
                                                      Michiwonder Outdoors  2 weeks back

                                                      If the dragons were used to come in behind the ships the crews view would be blocked by the sails, but I guess if she forgot about the fleet.....

                                                      • popeopera
                                                        popeopera  2 weeks back

                                                        There's so much butt-hurt here, i'm having trouble sitting down.>_<

                                                        • imakickass
                                                          imakickass  2 weeks back

                                                          I feel like this last season should have been 10 episodes where they make Cersei surrender then use the remaining forces/fleets attack The Night King for maybe 2-3 episodes....maybe another season? Fuck man ☹

                                                          • Baked Utah
                                                            Baked Utah  2 weeks back

                                                            1:10 _”Once you’ve gotten your display setting figured out...”_ Absolutely! People need to know that’s a thing.

                                                            Like most people, I guess, I kinda assume that a lot of effort has gone into deciding what levels for things like ‘Contrast’ should be and so I don’t mess with them. I especially don’t do it from show to show. But here, for this episode, don’t be afraid to crank up that ‘Brightness’ setting. At very least do it for your second viewing. It’s true that the low light levels of the default settings increase the foreboding of the unknown, and we might convince ourselves that as a result the “realism” is also enhanced. Fair enough. But you do miss stuff with it as dark as that. And since the overall episode is _so_ awful in its shiteness, it’s worth making the most of what it does get right; i.e. its superb cinematography. So, turn the lights on! You’ll be glad did!

                                                            • Goldseal
                                                              Goldseal  2 weeks back

                                                              Are you joking, Arya kill the Night King? The lad can kill a fucking dragon. If you can kill a bloody dragon, no person with a sword can take you out.

                                                              • JF
                                                                JF  2 weeks back

                                                                I hope they fail with all future endeavors.

                                                                • Stu Bid
                                                                  Stu Bid  2 weeks back

                                                                  Really enjoyed that...
                                                                  New sub based on this work.
                                                                  Very good explanation as to how and why GOT peaked and then totally bombed in the last two series..
                                                                  Breaks my heart. D&D showed a complete disrespect for the source narative.

                                                                  • Adrienne Clarke
                                                                    Adrienne Clarke  3 weeks back

                                                                    The good thing is, everyone is so depressed about the show, Georges books are going to bought by everyone. We will find out all about the white walkers and his legend et al.

                                                                    • First of their Name GoT

                                                                      Most eps S8, were bad and poor writing. Character became dumb. Dumb and why? Because the writers are LAZY. They did not care or had checked out.

                                                                      TY for your review. I felt bad for the entire
                                                                      crew. it is not on them. Once showrunners cut GRRM source material down to
                                                                      certain storylines/arcs, they had no idea how to continue those characters once
                                                                      original book material ran out. I truly believe they knew they were out of
                                                                      their element (no original writing skill set) so time to wrap up the show and
                                                                      move on. Then the consequence,  the S1-S4 great dialogue ( almost word
                                                                      from word from the books) turned into battle scenes/CGI effects (fan service)
                                                                      and script word count became less and less. Smart characters turned into idiots
                                                                      and went against everything we knew about them. After Hold the door episode,
                                                                      the magical/fantasy feel of the story peaked then disappeared. What was the
                                                                      point of the prophecies, wight walkers, children of the forest, and three eye
                                                                      raven? The story turned into subverting expectations which was, in the end, a
                                                                      ridiculous excuse for "we cannot write meaningful, cohesive dialogue"
                                                                      to continue good character arcs and great storytelling. Lord of the Rings
                                                                      rip-offs, the Mockingjay S8E6 CGI wingspan effect. I don't think D&D really
                                                                      cared about the show, fans, actors, any of it. The word Hubris comes to mind.
                                                                      Oh, yeah and D&D have submitted S8E6 for Emmy consideration for best
                                                                      writing and directing, LMFAO.

                                                                      • DeepSolstice
                                                                        DeepSolstice  3 weeks back

                                                                        Syrio: 'What do we say to death?...'

                                                                        Arya: 'We say...
                                                                        where's your opening credit, bitch?'

                                                                        • Tarkeema Lewis
                                                                          Tarkeema Lewis  3 weeks back

                                                                          I think Sam had a cell phone in his pocket and so happens to get a phone call from Gilley to just lay low and chill. they will watch Netflix when he gets home. LOL

                                                                          • D&D 87
                                                                            D&D 87  3 weeks back

                                                                            Dissapointment? I cant find any example coming close to this disaster. Transformers fans can be dissaponted with this crazy mess they got in the last years.

                                                                            We got a series based on great books with fantastic cast. The world is emersive, but what are this morons doing with it?

                                                                            A cheap soap opera with explosions. The Fast and the Furious is Shakespear compared to the last season.
                                                                            I dont care anymore and canceled HBO...

                                                                            • Jeremy
                                                                              Jeremy  3 weeks back

                                                                              Quit praising the spectacles. It doesn't take Sherlock Holmes to notice that the spectacles and overall quality of the show are inversely proportionate. Christ, even a rat stops going for the food pellet after he gets zapped three times.

                                                                              • DJ big leg
                                                                                DJ big leg  3 weeks back

                                                                                i didnt care about any character that died cause it was so shit i only liked one bit when aria was fighting on the wall apart from that this was an insult to every true GOT,S fan.episode 3 season 8 is the worst episode in got history with the worst battle tactics a 10 year old could have come up with a better plan.the dothraki didnt even have dragon glass weapons dany jon & sansa knew 95 WW,s were coming so the dothraki need dragon glass SIMPLE.i cant go any further disney should watch & learn game of thrones wasnt a world wide success because of dumb & dumber its was a success because of GRRM. without george holding there hand it soon went pete tong big time.because basically they are totally crap at their job the battle of winterfell is the worst battle in film history look at spartacus with kirk douglas the rolling fire logs thats a battle scene & a half.this was pathetic another 6 characters should have died they ALL survived impossible survival situations & the NK died far to easily.we didnt even see a WW fight anyone they just all explode & why wasnt they throwing spears at dany & jon while they were on the dragons ??? HBO i want my money back for improper use & abuse with clear misrepresentation of GRRM,s superior story ...

                                                                                • ima believer
                                                                                  ima believer  3 weeks back

                                                                                  D&D need to atone for their crimes . They should be given the walk of atonement and shamed !

                                                                                  • Rafael Benedicto
                                                                                    Rafael Benedicto  4 weeks back

                                                                                    The artillery at the front, the pikemen at the middle, and the defensive trench at the back. WTF. Are D&D's brains screwed on backwards?

                                                                                    • Worm Hole
                                                                                      Worm Hole  4 weeks back

                                                                                      Game of Thrones: Greatest show of all time... with the worst ending in history.

                                                                                      • Facundo Gonza
                                                                                        Facundo Gonza  4 weeks back

                                                                                        After this and the whole Fiascos of the new Star Wars movies, will anyone see whatever D&D was paid to write. Or after this unsatisfactory finale. Will anyone bother with the Spin-offs? What does guarantee thatit will nto happen the same as here, good starting, good story. The producers get bored and screw it up

                                                                                        • Zack
                                                                                          Zack  4 weeks back

                                                                                          I feel you bro. So sad.

                                                                                          • John Cannellos
                                                                                            John Cannellos  4 weeks back

                                                                                            hahahah "but samwell fucking tarly can take a moment with his feelings"

                                                                                            • clogeater
                                                                                              clogeater  4 weeks back

                                                                                              @16:55 "I hope I'm wrong."
                                                                                              Lol, just what Varis said two episodes later. He hoped Dany wasn't a villain. You hoped D&D weren't villains.

                                                                                              • Bruno The Doberman
                                                                                                Bruno The Doberman  4 weeks back

                                                                                                This was bs .